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Miniature Schnauzers are a special breed. They do not shed, are hypoallergenic and are cat like. The need attention and really are family members. They are a versitile breed that are ratters, agility, obedience and genuine friends.​


Our Miniature Schnauzers are bred to be conformation champions so if you get one from us they are healthy beautiful dogs. When we breed it is too improve our line and the breed in general. Every dog we breed is at least a champion conformation dog and are all health checked.


We are custom home builders so our time is flexible to be with our babies. I have been a member of PMSC for 6 years and currently am on the board. A member of AMSC for 4 years and am on the board at present. I belong to the Southern Oregon Kennel Club and am on the board of Coos Bay Keenel Club. I believe in giving back to the breed and have as much knowledge to improve the sport and breed.


I myself help with the home building specializing in design and paint.I am now a realtor with Windermere. I also do Raku Pottery and acrylic paintings. The Raku is all free form and glazes are metal based. Our children are grown and we are very proud of both. We live on the McKenzie River near Springfield/Eugene. It is a a creative area that feeds my hobbies. I also am a Reiki Master believing in self healing and positive energy.

About Us

Laurie Moore 

I a proud member of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, The Portland Miniature Schnauzer Club and the Southern Oregon Terrier Association

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